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La collection de la Fondation Berliet, c’est aujourd’hui :

280 voitures et véhicules industriels, moteurs et organes restaurés,
30 marques couvrant une période allant de 1886 à nos jours.

Cette « mémoire métallique » témoigne de l’ingéniosité et des savoir-faire de constructeurs aujourd’hui disparus.

La restauration de telles pièces entraîne des opérations complexes nécessitant des professionnels particulièrement qualifiés qui mettent en œuvre un savoir-faire menacé de disparition.  Au plan mécanique, le véhicule est entièrement démonté jusqu’à la moindre goupille et les pièces cassées ou manquantes sont usinées spécialement aux cotes et avec les tolérances d’époque. Pour la partie carrosserie qui a, en principe, le plus souffert, de nombreuses pièces seront formées au marteau, les parties bois étant refaites dans les essences utilisées à l’époque (le frêne, notamment). 





Train derailment investigation widens

Train derailment investigation widens: Did a projectile hit the windshield?

Amtrak crews are busy replacing damaged track, power lines, and other equipment. Officials said that work would continue around the clock until it is complete, and that they hope to have trains running again through the Northeast Corridor by Tuesday. (ED HILLE / Staff Photographer)

A projectile might have struck the windshield of Amtrak Train 188, just minutes before the train crashed Tuesday night, and investigators said Friday that they had called in the FBI to analyze the damage.

Officials at the National Transportation Safety Board could not say whether engineer Brandon Bostian had been struck or incapacitated by a projectile.

The surprising revelation at a news conference Friday night significantly expands the scope of the crash investigation beyond either mechanical failure or operator responsibility.

Two other trains a SEPTA commuter train bound for Trenton and an Amtrak Acela arriving from New York were struck by projectiles in North Philadelphia on Tuesday night shortly before the Amtrak wreck.

An assistant conductor on Amtrak 188 told investigators that three to four minutes out of Philadelphia, she heard a radio conversation between her engineer and the engineer of a nearby SEPTA train, « who reported to a train dispatcher that he had either been hit by a rock or shot at, » NTSB board member Robert Sumwalt said Friday.

Sumwalt said the Amtrak assistant wholesale jerseys shop conductor, 39, then heard her engineer « say wholesale nhl jerseys china something about his train being struck wholesale nba jerseys by something » as well.

« We have seen damage to the left hand lower portion of Amtrak windshield that we have asked the FBI to come in and look at for us, » he added. He said the particular damage appears in a « circular » pattern, emanating outward. The right side of the windshield, as viewed from inside the train, has extensive damage caused by the crash, Sumwalt said.

NTSB investigators interviewed Bostian on Friday, and the engineer was « extremely cooperative » but could not recall what happened in the crash, Sumwalt said.

Bostian’s lawyer has said his client suffered a head wound and a concussion, and has no recollection of the crash. The engineer told investigators on Friday that he did not recall any projectiles and did not report being struck by anything entering his cab.

Previously, Mayor Nutter and SEPTA officials had discounted any connection between those two incidents and the Amtrak wreck, which killed eight people and injured about 200.

The FBI confirmed it was asked Friday to aid the NTSB in investigating particular windshield damage to the train, but said there was no separate federal criminal investigation linked to the derailment.

The engineer of SEPTA Train 769, which was disabled when a projectile broke its cab window, has been asked to speak with NTSB investigators, a SEPTA spokesman said Friday.

The SEPTA train was struck by the unknown projectile about four miles south of where Train 188 derailed. The Amtrak train passed the SEPTA train after the SEPTA train had been hit and was stopped at SEPTA’s North Philadelphia station.

Radio conversations involving Bostian cheap jerseys from china and the SEPTA engineer would have been recorded by Amtrak dispatchers, since both trains were on Amtrak controlled tracks.

Earlier in the day, Bostian had operated a southbound Amtrak train to Washington, which apparently had mechanical problems and arrived 30 minutes late.

Bostian told investigators Friday that he had not felt fatigued or ill before the wreck.

« He expressed no operational problems, any sort of significant problems with the train. . . . He felt good, he felt alert, he said he felt fine, there was no issue, » said NTSB spokesman Peter Knudson. « If he would have felt rushed or stressed, that would certainly have » come out.

Investigators are also conducting drug tests. Bostian’s lawyer has said the engineer was not using drugs or alcohol.

Bostian and the two assistant conductors told investigators of their memories of the trip before the crash, the derailment, and the chaotic moments afterward. The conductor was injured and remains hospitalized, unable to be questioned, Sumwalt said.

The assistant conductor who overheard the engineers’ conversations was in the fourth car, the cafe car, with 15 passengers. She said she felt rumbling and then her car toppled onto its side. She said she and the passengers were unable to get out until emergency responders arrived to rescue them.

She described Bostian as « great to work with » and someone who was « always offering to help her with her job, » Sumwalt said. Bostian was a conductor before becoming an engineer.

The second assistant conductor, a 35 year old man, was in the seventh and last car with 40 passengers, Sumwalt said. That crew member « felt shaking, then two major impacts . . . the interior seats disconnected. »

At the crash site Friday, work crews were busy replacing damaged track, power lines, and other equipment to restore service to the heart of the busy Northeast Corridor.

Work is underway to replace 22 track panels along two of the four tracks at the site. Each panel is 60 feet long, Amtrak spokesman Craig Schulz said.Articles Connexes:

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Le TAR LATIL : Un rescapé à l'honneur

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GLR : l'outil de travail par excellence.

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Camion Chenard & Walcker type T10D35 de 1933 : bienvenue au Conservatoire !

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