PANHARD type K 185 (1952)

Panhard est l’un des noms les plus prestigieux de l’histoire de l’automobile. Rappelons que la première voiture Panhard et Levassor est construite en 1891. Le premier camion Panhard et Levassor est présenté au Salon de Paris dès 1899, conjointement avec un omnibus à plate-forme arrière. La production de poids lourds ne démarrera cependant réellement qu’à partir de 1919.

Dès 1921, la marque est en mesure d’offrir une gamme de trois à huit tonnes de PTC. En 1930, se sera le diesel avec la licence LANOVA.

En 1966, Panhard est repris par Citroën et ce sera la fin de la production de poids lourds. Seule, se poursuivra la construction de véhicules militaires dont le célèbre EBR à moteur 12 cylindres (2 x 6 opposés à plat).

Les camions Panhard étaient d’excellents produits malheureusement desservis par un réseau peu étoffé et des tarifs nettement supérieurs à ceux des marques concurrentes.

Le Panhard de la Fondation est du type K 185 réceptionné aux Mines le 4 août 1950. Il est équipé d’un moteur diesel de 6,785 1. de cylindrée, d’une cabine profonde pour le transport de personnel et d’une échelle Laffly de 30 mètres.

L’ensemble mécanique, carrosserie et équipement de lutte contre l’incendie est complet et en état de marche.

pheasant wholesale nfl jerseys index down 29 percent from 2012

A long winter followed by a cold, wet spring contributed to a significant decrease in Minnesota’s pheasant count, which declined 29 percent from 2012, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

« Minnesota’s results reflect what we’re seeing in other states, » said Rachel Curtis, DNR wildlife research biologist. « South Dakota had a 64 percent decrease in its brood survey. North Dakota’s most recent rooster crowing count is down 11 percent from last year. And Iowa reported a 19 percent decrease in its August roadside count. »

Pheasant hunters still are expected to harvest about 246,000 roosters this fall. That’s down 44,000 from last year’s estimate and is less than half the number of pheasants taken during the 2005 2008 seasons when hunting was exceptionally good.

The highest pheasant counts were in the southwest region, where observers reported 51 birds per 100 miles of survey driven. Hunters should find good harvest opportunities in west central, east central and south central Minnesota.

« Pheasant populations respond to habitat abundance and changes in weather, » Curtis said. « The steady downward trend in Minnesota’s pheasant population during the past several years is primarily due to habitat loss. Weather has caused minor fluctuations. »

The most important habitat for pheasants is grassland that remains undisturbed during the nesting season. Protected grasslands account for about 6 percent of the state’s pheasant range. Farmland retirement programs such as Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program, Reinvest in Minnesota and Wetlands Reserve Program make up the largest portion of protected grasslands in the state.

High land rental rates and competing uses for farmland diminish the economic attractiveness of farmland conservation programs. CRP enrollment declined by 63,700 acres in Minnesota’s pheasant range over the last year and contracts for nearly 400,000 acres of statewide CRP lands are scheduled to expire during the next 3 years. If not re enrolled, this would reduce CRP acres in Minnesota by 30 percent.

To help offset continued habitat losses caused by reductions in conservation set aside acreage, the DNR wholesale nfl jerseys has accelerated acquisition of wildlife management areas in the farmland region of Minnesota. In addition, the DNR supports habitat conservation on private lands by working with a variety of partners in the Farm Bill Assistance Partnership and Working Lands Initiative.

High spring precipitation and below average temperatures hurt nesting this year. This year’s average hatch date was delayed to June 20, which is 11 days later than the 10 year average of wholesale jerseys June 9.

Although fewer broods were seen, brood size was larger than last year and comparable to the long term average. Actual reproduction rates may be higher than the survey suggests. Hens that were successful nesting later in the season tend to be underrepresented in roadside data and it is possible that hens were still nesting or in heavier cover with young chicks during the survey period.

The pheasant population estimate is part of the DNR’s annual August roadside wildlife survey, which began in 1955. DNR conservation officers and wildlife managers in the farmland region of Minnesota conduct the survey during the first half of August. This year survey consisted of 171 routes, each 25 miles long, with 152 routes located in the ring necked pheasant range.

Observers drive each route in early morning and record the number and species of wildlife they see. The data provide an index of relative abundance and are used to monitor annual changes and long term population trends of pheasants, gray (Hungarian) partridge, cottontail rabbits, white tailed jackrabbits, mourning doves and other wildlife.

The gray partridge index also decreased from last year and remained below the 10 year average. The cottontail rabbit index increased from last year but stayed below the 10 year and long term average. The jackrabbit index was 87 cheap nfl jerseys from china percent below the long term average. Finally, the mourning dove index was 20 percent below last year and lower than the 10 year and long term averages.Articles Connexes:

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