RENAULT type TN 6 (1932)

Le Renault TN 6 est certainement le bus parisien le plus célèbre. Autobus de 50 places à plate-forme arrière, moteur à essence 6 cylindres de 7,98 l., caisse en bois, le TN 6 sort des ateliers de Billancourt à partir de 1932.

Il allait remplacer sur les lignes du réseau parisien les vieux Schneider et les tramways, en complément d’un modèle TN 4 moins puissant. Au total, 770 Renault TN 6 furent mis en service. « Réformés » en 1955, ils ne disparurent définitivement du paysage parisien qu’en février 1969: près de 40 ans de bons et loyaux services.

A noter que le TN 6 de la Fondation a, à son actif, plus de 3 millions de kilomètres!

Why Do Football Players Tape Their Wrists

If you watch football regularly, you may have noticed that players traditionally tape cheap wholesale jerseys their wrists. Although a small amount of tape around a player’s wrist appears to have very little function, this tradition has multiple uses and may be an important part of a player’s pregame preparation. Although debate exists on how beneficial this tradition is for players, don’t expect it to go away anytime soon.

Supporting the Wrist

Football is a contact sport, with a fair number of injuries sustained in games. Pads, helmets and protective shoes support some vulnerable parts of the body, but football players limit protective gear around their arms and hands because of the constant need to grab other players as well as catch and throw the football. However, the wrist is one of the smallest areas of the body with little protection. To avoid the wholesale jerseys risk of injury and provide support without adding bulk, football players tape their wrists regularly. Following certain wrist injuries such as sprains, wrist strapping may be beneficial and support the injured area. A player may choose to tape his wrist and play with an injury instead of allowing the area to rest and heal as recommended. The American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine does not promote wrist taping for wrist fractures or ligament tears in this area. But for an injury that has healed, wrist taping may provide extra support to help avoid reinjuring the wrist area.

Increasing Grip Strength

Professional and collegiate players may believe that taping their wrists increases grip strength because of the supportive nature of tape. However, a study published in the wholesale nhl jerseys « American Journal of Sports Medicine » studied 25 football players who taped their wrists during games. Researchers measured group strength in both taped and cheap nfl jerseys free wrists and determined that there were no significant differences in grip strengths. Although other factors play a role in hand strength, taping your wrist does not appear to cause any significant gains in hand strength.

Part of the Game

As many sports enthusiasts understand, ritual plays an important role for football players. For a player who is used to having a certain pregame meal or performing a certain warm up, these aspects of the game, although perhaps contributing minimally to the outcome of the game, mean a great deal to players. Even though taping may not be as beneficial as its promoters suggest, players don’t appear to be willing to give up taping up their wrists, hands and legs on a regular basis.Articles Connexes:

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