ROCHET-SCHNEIDER type 12 HP (1912)

Rochet-Schneider fut incontestablement l’un des pionniers de l’automobile puisqu’il sortit sa première voiture en 1895. Dès 1896, une Rochet-Schneider devait effectuer la première ascension motorisée du Galibier !

En 1912, ce constructeur lyonnais complète sa gamme automobile par un robuste châssis de 12 HP à cardan spécial et pont arrière à double démultiplication. Ce châssis servira de base à différents utilitaires légers jusqu’au milieu des années 1920.

Le modèle de la Fondation, en état de marche, fait partie de cette famille.

  • Moteur monobloc 4 cylindres 80 x 130, Cylindrée 2,61 l.,
  • Charge utile 1 500 kg,
  • Roues jumelées à l’avant.

Ces camions légers, d’une grande robustesse grâce, en particulier, à leur pont à double démultiplication, jouèrent un rôle important dès 1915 dans la conquête automobile du Sahara. Ils équipèrent, avec Fiat, l’expédition du Général Laperrine de 1920 : Alger – Ouargla – Tamanrasset et retour.

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Ouvrage :

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go ahead and smack that thing

What once looked like a stress free Selection Sunday has turned into an anxious stretch run for the Cardinal. After losing four of its past five, and with a lack of quality wins on its resume, Stanford now faces what could be a season defining homestand. 10 seed.

So, no: the Cardinal wasn likely to coast into the Madness with a No. 6 or 7 seed.

The four losses in five games stretch is even worse than it cheap jerseys free shipping looks because two of the Ls are to RPI 100+ teams (Colorado and Washington State).

Add the spotty resume Two RPI top 50 wins: No. 33 Texas (road) and No. 41 Wofford (home).

Three RPI 100+ losses: No. 111 Colorado, No. 131 Washington State and No. 135 DePaul

Five wins (31 percent of total victories) over RPI 200+

Mediocre record (6 6) against RPI top 100

Two wins (Texas and Wofford) against likely tourney teams.

Unimpressive results from the eye test you have a team that squarely on the bubble and not in complete control of its fate because of 1) the potential for a shrinking bubble and 2) the dearth of opportunities to polish its resume down the stretch.

The Pac 12 one notch above awful year only two teams are at large locks (Arizona and Utah) this deep cheap jerseys from china in the season means the Cardinal has wholesale nfl jerseys only one chance left to collect a marquee win (the season finale at Arizona).

Yes, Stanford athletic director Bernard Muir is on the selection committee.

Skeptics might argue his presence is a benefit: Even if he not voting and has to leave the room when Stanford is discussed, Muir colleagues might be inclined to give the Cardinal the benefit of the doubt because they have to face him at dinner.

But I remind readers that there have been instances over the years in which a team/conference did not benefit by having an athletic director/commissioner on the committee.

My experience in the NCAA mock selection process and discussions with committee members over the years leads me to lean ever so slightly to the wholesale cheap jerseys view that Muir presence won help.

Nor do I think it will ultimately matter: It willobvious by mid March that Stanford deserves, or doesn deserve, a berth.

There no way to know for sure how many wins No.

And wouldn you know it: All three remaining home opponents are lower ranked:

That a precarious situation for the Cardinal, in that victories won necessarily bolster its resume but losses would be ink stains.

The three game homestand gives way to a season ending trip to Arizona, and it equally safe to assume that a loss at No. 98 ASU would be problematic.

Does that mean Stanford needs to win all four games leading into the finale in Tucson?

And then it needs to win them.

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