La villa Berliet

Lorsqu’en 1910 Marius Berliet, l’un des pionniers de l’industrie automobile, devenu premier constructeur européen de camions, décide de se faire construire une villa, son entreprise est en plein essor. Il choisit un vaste terrain dans le faubourg oriental de Lyon, quartier de Montchat, non loin de son usine de Monplaisir.

Les travaux sont réalisés, en 1911 et 1912, par l’architecte lyonnais Paul Bruyas, le paysagiste Joseph Linossier étant chargé de l’aménagement du jardin. Deux artistes nancéiens de renom, Jacques Gruber et Louis Majorelle, se voient confier la décoration intérieure et l’ameublement ; décor et meubles constituent alors un ensemble Art Nouveau unique à Lyon.

Aujourd’hui, la villa Berliet bénéficie d’une affectation en rapport direct avec son passé ; depuis 1982, elle abrite la fondation de l’automobile Marius Berliet.

historique détaillé de la villa : cliquez ici

L3 Diploma in Early Years Education Care EYE Course Details

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This is a two year course that prepares learners to become Early Years Educators, enabling them to work with children from birth to 7 years. You will study child care and development in considerable depth. The course involves both class based learning and work placements in family homes, nurseries and primary schools. As part of your studies, students usually work towards Paediatric First Aid and Food Hygiene qualifications.

What cheap nfl jerseys china will I Study?All Level 3 Early Years Educator qualifications will require candidates to demonstrate an in depth understanding of early years education and care, including that they can: 1. Support and promote children’s early education and development. 2. Plan and provide effective care, teaching and learning that enables children to progress and prepares them for school. 3. Make accurate and productive use of assessment. 4. Develop effective and informed practice. 5. Safeguard and promote the health, safety and welfare of children. 6. Work in partnership with the key person, colleagues, parents and/or carers or other professionals.

How will I be Taught?Teaching and learning methods include practical classes, group and individual work, lectures, project work, self study, study trips.

How will I be wholesale jerseys Assessed?You will be assessed by a variety of internal and external assessments including exams, assignment writing and placement portfolio.

What our students say?I have just graduated from my Primary Education degree. The prices shown are for home students only. Fee information for international students is available in the International section.

Where the course is for more than one year, the price shown is for the first year only wholesale jerseys from china (except for NVQs) and prices for subsequent years will be published when available.

Students who are under 19 on 31st wholesale nfl jerseys August in the academic year in which they start their course, will be exempt from tuition fees on the majority of courses.

Students aged 24 or over undertaking a course at Level 3 or above may have to pay a higher fee based on Government funding regulations. Please contact Admissions on 01243 786321 for confirmation.

The College reserves the right to withdraw courses, limit recruitment and where necessary make significant changes to fees payable dependent on the number of students enrolled for a course or due to changes in legislation.Articles Connexes:

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