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What Do Football Players Rub on Their Skin During Cold Weather

Football is a game that is often played cheap wholesale jerseys in extreme weather. At the start of the year, players practice in intense heat and humidity that can be draining and dangerous. However, as the season progresses and the weather turns cold, players are at risk to skin exposure during frigid weather. This is often done for tactical reasons. Defensive players will grab any part of a player’s garb to use it as an edge for gaining leverage. This would include long sleeves. As a result, players rub petroleum jelly over all exposed parts of the skin to prevent heat from wholesale cheap nfl jerseys escaping. However, officials often take a cheap nba jerseys dim view of the petroleum jelly because players are not allowed to make themselves more slippery to opponents. When the temperatures are extremely cold, muscles tend to tighten up. cheap nhl jerseys Products that produce heat warm up the muscles and keep them looser for longer periods. They may combine petroleum jelly with a muscle balm so it spreads more evenly on their bodies. Some players will add an ointment that produces a lot of heat to the mixture. This ointment is normally applied to sore muscles, athletic injuries and arthritis. However, it can also be an effective ingredient in homemade skin rubs for players who have to play in cold weather.Articles Connexes:

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