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Fondation de l'Automobile Marius Berliet

The Berliet Villa

While his Company is developing rapidly, in 1910 Marius Berliet who had become Number One European Truck’s manufacturer decides to build his home. He chose a big site in the eastern surrounding of Lyon, the Montchat area, not far from his Monplaisir factory.

The building is made in 1911/12 by an Architect, Paul Bruyas, from Lyon, the landscape architect being Joseph Linossier. Two artists from Nancy, Jacques Gruber and Louis Majorelle were in charge of the interior design and the furniture: decoration and furniture make an “Art Nouveau” example unique in Lyon.
The Villa is listed as Historical Monument since 1989.

To-day, the Villa is the home of the head office of the Foundation, a use perfectly matched with its history.