Pour la sauvegarde et la valorisation de notre Culture Industrielle

Fondation de l'Automobile Marius Berliet

The team

The Foundation is built around a team of 7 people with the help of many volunteers coming from the Automotive Industry (40 people).
All work with full dedication and passion.

Paul BERLIET ( 1918 – 2012 )

Paul Berliet joins AMB in 1936, becomes Deputy General Manager in 1954 and CEO Chairman in 1962 until 1975, when the Company is integrated within the Renault Group in which he stays as a Counsellor.
Between 1950 and 1975 the Company would have moved from 17 vehicles a day up to 140 and a workforce from 7 500 to almost 25 000.
Training, research and industrialisation of developing countries counted as his priorities.

He created the Berliet Foundation in 1982 and assumed its development and fame as its President until 2009, date at which he transferred the function to Philippe Brossette, staying as the President Founder.


Graduated from Ecole Polytechnique de Zurich and from the Ecole Nationale des Petroles et des Moteurs, Philippe Brossette joins the Automobiles Berliet in 1968.
He had been in charge of various functions in technical and commercial areas for France and International territories. He carried on into Renault Vehicules Industriels and then within the AB Volvo Group.
He retired in 2008 as VP Product Planning of the Volvo Trucks Group (Volvo Trucks, Renault Trucks, Mack Trucks and Nissan Diesel)
He has been President of the Berliet Foundation since early 2009.


Graduated from the Anglo-French Chamber of Commerce and from Centre de Perfectionnement aux Affaires (CPA to-day EMLyon) Monique Chapelle joins Berliet in 1955.
She had been working alongside Paul Berliet from 1958. She played an active and major role into the creation of the Foundation. She is currently the Vice-President of the Foundation and President of the Association of the friends of the Berliet Foundation.


He joined Berliet in 1966 in the Research Centre, engine division.
In 1971 he integrated the Direction des Affaires Internationales as a permanent resident in Algeria where he spent 10 years as General Delegate of Renault VI. He then was an dealership’s Director in Lyon, next as Regional Director. He ended his career at the Quality Department. He integrated the Foundation in 2010 as Counsellor to the President.


Archives and Documentation Centre

Anne CARRIÈRE – Responsable du Centre – Graduated from the Lyon University, Master of History of Art and of Archives and Documentation, she is assisting researchers and students.

Nathalie MAUBERT Degree in Information and Documentation, in charge of the website and documentation production.

Christine BOUZIGESMaster in History and Degree in Documentation Grenoble University, in charge of magazines and relationship with the University Documentation System (SUDOC)

Secretarial work

Carole DAVESNE: Press assistant, data management, organisation of sites visits…

Nicole GALARD: Administration,reception and telephone desk, subscriptions, boutique, relationship with suppliers….

Maintenance and stock management



Vehicles maintenance, restoration projects and technical assistance

Jean-Claude OLAGNON et Maurice CHEVALLIER

As experienced specialists they manage the restoration projects and deal with the different suppliers and subcontractors.